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How to Build Your Brand?

How to build your business in 2016?   Build Your Brand

According to Forbe's Verne Harnish, the 5 keys to building your business are:

  1. Don't be Myopic about Marketing - make strategic use of your marketing assets.
  2. Fight Process Paralysis - streamline your workflow and processes.
  3. Love Your Accountants - retain a sophisticated pro who can provide a deep look into your profit "leakage" and obtain a business valuation every three to five years to benchmark your progress and company value.
  4. Teach Your People Well - your company's growth factor is geometrically linked to the leadership and sales skills of your key people. Train your people so that they have the skills to succeed for you.
  5. Invest in Systems - procrastination in this area will kill your business. Your competitors are using marketing systems to generate customers or clients and your market share will suffer if you do not.

Clearly, as the image above illustrates, the future holds a significant mind-set shift for your businesses marketing online if you are looking to answer the question, how do I build my business in 2016 and beyond? To effectively build your business, you can no longer rely solely on SEO marketing agencies that seek to "rank" your website for "your main keywords" for $1,500 to $2,500 a month. The path to business growth moving forward clearly is evolving. The extent you provide customer satisfaction, how many of your customers or clients are talking and engaging with your content, and the amount of time they stay engaged on your content are all important metrics to track.

Have you seen Google's new Algo Update?

You can read more about here >>

Your Brand's online image necessitates proactive engagement, not simply relying on a SEO ranking strategy and a social media manager. Create a synergy with your team or partners to build your "Authoritativeness" (yes, a "noun" - I know).

What does your online presence look like?

Is your company or your brand managing your online reputation?

The 5 keys to building your brand in 2016 as I see it are:

  1.  Monitor your online reputation;
  2. Engage with your customers or clients online;
  3. Intercept and interrupt customer or client negative impressions
  4. Respond to your customer or client negative impression to educate and hopefully satisfy the negative impact, and
  5. Syndicate your good work - customer or client testimonials and reviews.


Image Credit​ - Brian Solis and JESS3